Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday... Ready, Set, Eat!

One thing I forgot to mention Saturday is that I take Sundays off. There's no measuring, no weighing, no counting, no logging. Sure, I still stay pretty much on track, I just don't take the time to obsess over it. I will admit that I broke my "no weighing" rule, though. Not of food, but of myself. When I weighed myself on Saturday, I was .1 lbs. away from the next one, so I knew stepping on the scale would make me feel good. It did. 8 more lbs. for an even 50. I can do it!

I started the morning out slowly, and with a late breakfast of cereal and fruit. In this case, it was Cinnamon Harvest (Kashi), skim milk and a handful of blackberries. The bowl is pretty large, so it's not as small a serving as it may appear to be.

Since I had a late start on breakfast, I leaned more toward a follow-up "lupper" (think "brunch"- you'll get there). So, to stay off the hunger monster, I went for a simple gala apple. Yum.

This was after preparing the main course for dinner this evening... meatloaf. Yep, tried and true, I-need-to-use-or-freeze-this-ground-meat meatloaf. Today's meatloaf is turkey. When it comes to turkey meatloaf, I usually do more of a bbq-themed loaf, but I went with the tomatoey classic, which I haven't had in ages.

Ground turkey, diced red onion, chopped mushrooms, oats (not instant), egg (I used egg whites), tomato sauce, tomato paste, salt and pepper. I discovered mushrooms in meatloaf a few years ago. They're a great, meaty filler and keep things moist. You just have to account for it when seasoning since they're not too strong a flavor. The sauce on the top is a mix of tomato sauce and paste. I usually add worchestershire, but didn't have any on-hand. After the picture was taken and the first bite was in my mouth, I realized I also forgot ketchup. Yes, for this high brow meal, ketchup is preferred ;-) Served on the side is leftover brown rice pilaf and steamed green beans.

For dessert, another spice cupcake, this time warmed and topped with applesauce (unsweetened) and cinnamon.


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