Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Haze

Yesterday, we finally got the medication debacle solved (after what felt like a Laurel and Hardy routine with the pharmacy... thank goodness my doctor's receptionist is on the ball). Now that I've had some indomethacin in my body for a day, my head is starting to feel better, though my body hasn't caught up yet. Still, it's better than the majority of the weekend where I stayed indoors in a dark room, doing as little as possible and being incredibly whiny.

So, now that I can think more clearly, it's a new week! By tomorrow, I imagine things will be back to normal and my body will also be willing to move more. For today, I'll still be taking it easy, but can do so at a slightly louder volume :-) While the indomthacin is for my head, it helps my back, too, which is partially why my body is still in revolt. Like all NSAIDs, it's got an accumulative effect, so takes a while to fully do its job. Sure, I could pop a pain killer and be on my way, but I reeeeeeeeally hate taking them. Opiates and I just don't play nicely (I wouldn't care much about my back pain, but I'd spend my day sick to my stomach, so it's just a trade). Since the indomethacin is tough on the stomach, too, and I was re-introducing it to my system, my tummy was in enough of a knot.

Eating-wise, I've been terrible. With my head pounding, I didn't have much of an appetite, so I ate out of convenience and didn't do anything really calculated. Yesterday, I caved and went to the deli across the street for some Saltines. I have to say, they were awesome. A caffeine-free Diet Coke and Saltines was like champagne and caviar to my ill-feeling little palate.

Breakfast today will probably be the rest of the tube of Saltines. Lunch, snacks and Dinner will probably be just as exciting. I'll be back on track when my body forgives me for the last 5 days. I'll check back in then.


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