Friday, March 12, 2010


Today was a travel day for me, so I had to prepare. Breakfast was at home, but I would be stuck on a bus for about 5 hours, so needed something that would sustain me through lunch time.

Since I'm in Ithaca, my awesome boyfriend took me to Moosewood restaurant. I've wanted to try it since my first Mollie Katzen book ages and ages ago. I've been really good on the blood sugar (and weight loss, etc) front, so the meal was indulgent perfection. With exception of the wine and dessert, everything was well within the bounds of "things I can eat", but I also cleaned every plate. Every bite was thoroughly worth it.

Rosemary crackers with medallions of goat cheese and grapes

A glass of pinot noir
A dinner salad with their house creamy spinach and basil dressing

Russian vegetable strudel, made with whole wheat (!!) phyllo dough, mushroom, carrot, cottage and cream cheeses, and other things I couldn't completely identify (zucchini?), along with a beet and red onion salad

Apple cake and banana pudding for dessert. We got one of each and there was lots of sharing.


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