Saturday, March 27, 2010


This afternoon's subject is hydration. Some have noticed I don't generally list beverages consumed. That is correct. Much of the time, it's just plain ol' water, though I also like sparkling water, when available. I also drink quite a bit of herbal or decaf tea (I stay away from caffeine most of the time). When I drink anything else, it's usually non-nutritive or very low calorie (less than 10 calories). Diet sodas happen, too, but not very often. On those rare occasions I drink anything with a caloric impact, it's likely a cocktail, a glass of wine or a glass of milk (soy or dairy).

I also eat a lot of things with high water content (raw fruits, veggies). That adds up, too! It all helps us get the recommended amount of fluid intake per day. I definitely feel it when I haven't been eating a lot of fresh produce.


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