Thursday, March 25, 2010

Discovery of the Week

I've never really been a big butter person. I know I'm lucky on that front. I grew up in a margarine household, so wasn't really exposed to it. And it's not like margarine is anything addiction-worthy. Still, sometimes it's nice to have that creamy texture on otherwise-dry toast or baked yam (for other breads, I usually prefer olive oil).

I was recently turned on to Bummel & Brown. Used sparingly, it's not half bad. It's got half the calories of butter and no cholesterol or trans fats (there is a trace amount of trans fat as the vegetable has been partially hydrogenated, but negligible if you don't go overboard). It's mostly vegetable oil and nonfat yogurt (it doesn't taste yogurty at ALL).

So, if you're concerned about calories but still want something yummy on that baked potato, you're in luck.

There are other spreads with flax and the like that have more essential omega-3s, but they tend to be in the same calorie neighborhood as the real thing, so not my speed. I get enough from seeds, fish, avocado and whole grains, etc, so I'm all about just cutting the fat and, therefore, the calories.

Nothing to go too crazy with, but it's great for those moments when only something buttery will do.


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