Thursday, April 29, 2010

Move It, Move It

Another couple pounds down. I had plateaued for a little bit, so it's nice to finally be on the move in the right direction again. I'm so close to 50 lbs. down I can taste it! 

My cold is still in the background, but not too terrible. I feel it headed toward my lungs, though. Meh. A big shout out to Breathe Right strips able to do things that Sudafed hasn't. A hot bath with eucalyptus oil helped a bit, too.

Pomegranate berry yogurt (SO good- it's moving to regular rotation, though it's not sold everywhere) and a protein cookie

Tuna salad (light mayo, scallion, granny smith apple, water-packed tuna) on whole wheat and an orange

Afternoon snack:
Fresh, ripe pear
Many sugar-free lemon cough drops

I planned on veggie tacos, but just didn't have it in me to cook or eat. So, I nuked a hot dog and called it a day.


Egg sandwich with cheese on wheat

Asian salad from Applebee's under-550 calorie menu (we were in a chain-land part of Brooklyn), without almonds

Vanilla yogurt

Turkey burger, red wedge potatoes 


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