Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I've been fighting a cold (still putting up the fight), so food isn't something on which I wanted to expend much energy today. Breakfast was grab-n-eat, but I did get out for some air in the afternoon. I packed my lunch for a nice walk. I ran a few errands and ate my lunch as I sat in the park for some people watching.

2 of my homemade KaPow Protein Cookies and a banana

Tuna salad (tuna, light mayo, green onion, granny smith apple) on grainy bread and a juicy, ripe pear.

Mango orange smoothie with a dose of immunity vitamins. It felt great on a sore throat. 

Whole wheat ravioli en brodo, cheater style. I had some stock in the freezer (in ice cube form) from a previous batch and some frozen whole wheat low fat ravioli into which I'll toss in some added veggies. I wish I had some fresh herbs on hand, but when not feeling 100%, I'm less choosy. I just want the comfort food aspect. Tip for a sore throat (from my ENT doc): add some extra salt, if sodium isn't a problem. It saves the gargling with warm salt water.

Edit: Now that I've finished my dinner, I'm really going to have to remember this one. Not only is it a healthier soup than deli chicken soup (a usual default when not feeling up to making it myself from the ground up), but when in the mood for pasta, broth is so much more filling than a smattering of tomato sauce, and no need for parmesan cheese. I got in two large bowls of soup for only a single serving of pasta and lots of al dente veggies. And since there's no added fat to the soup, the broth itself has minimal caloric impact.


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