Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snack time!

I had a couple of really nice snacks today. The first was a toasted slice of zucchini bread- warm and comforting. My afternoon snack was Greek yogurt with some light agave nectar and kiwi. I've just recently really come over to Team Kiwi and I'm happy to say it's a happy friendship.

For lunch, I had a surprise leftover half sandwich of salami and swiss on rye. I'd forgotten about it until I opened the fridge, so was delighted to find it. Mmmm... nice and mustardy.

Dinner hasn't happened yet, but the plan is salad and hot dogs on whole wheat buns. My psychic mind tells me it will be followed later by either a piece of banana cake or a Skinny Cow diet rootbeer float.


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