Friday, April 23, 2010


I was on the move much of the day today. I got on the bus this morning and arrived back home around 3. There weren't any rest stops, so I was glad I was at least prepared with some snacks.

A combo of cereals: Cinnamon Harvest (Kashi) and Agave Plus Granola (Nature's Harvest) with skim milk, blackberries and blueberries

Snack 1:
A slice of zucchini bread (yep, I took some of that loaf home with me!)

Snack 2:
peanut butter protein bar

Late lunch:
Tuna salad, made with light mayo and a dollop of sweet pickle relish with a side of raw carrots and a Diet Coke

Still thinking on that one. I'm not overly hungry, so I'll probably just steam some (frozen) veggies, toss them in some scrambled egg whites and call it a day. I haven't been to the grocery store, so there isn't much fresh food on-hand.

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  1. I hadn't had tuna salad in a really long time, but you got the idea into my head, so I made up a couple sandwiches for lunch today with Tuna, light mayo, fresh celery, a vegetable hummus I had in the fridge and a little sweet relish. So hit the spot! Thanks for the idea.


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