Friday, June 11, 2010

A Full Day and New Stats

You may notice I've started recording my morning fasting glucose (the only time I regularly check my blood at this point) and my daily exercise. It's all part of the process, so figured I'd share here, too. When I first started this process, my fasting reading was averaging around 130 or 140 (the goal is 100 or less), so you can see I've come a long way.

Fasting glucose (morning): 89
Exercise: Walked 3.7 miles (estimated- I forgot my Fitbit, so may be more as I wandered around a few stores)

Breakfast was on-the-go, so I made it portable-- A toasted sweet potato spelt waffle with natural peanut butter and a sliced strawberry.

Leftover chicken legs (2), served cold, with steamed broccoli and leftover, warm, savory roasted apples and onion topped with cranberry compote. It should be noted I pulled the skin off of the chicken before eating.

Fresh strawberries and cherries with a dollop of soy whip


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