Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Cookware in Action, Part 1

For dinner, I got to make use of my new All-Clad Cassoulet:

Fasting glucose (morning): 88
Exercise: Limited- I did a short walk to stretch things out, but my back was still pretty sore from Tuesday's and Wednesday's procedure, so I kept things light.

Greek yogurt with agave and strawberries, a handful of 7-grain pretzels

Roast chicken with apples-- First, I gave the chicken a quick sear. I pull the skin off before eating, so I just needed things to be to a point where it doesn't dry out while roasting. I seasoned them (and the apples and onion) with cinnamon, ginger, sage, celery seeds, salt and pepper...

Once the chicken was seared, I poured off the fat and deglazed the pan with some seasoned vegetable stock with a small splash of apple cider vinegar and reserved the liquid for later.

To the pan, I added large chunks of 2 tart green apples and a red onion:

After being in the oven for roughly an hour (until the juices ran clear), I served myself a chicken thigh, some of the moist delicious apples and brown rice with green beans over which I poured a small bit of the reserved liquid from deglazing earlier (the rice absorbed it quite nicely).


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