Friday, September 17, 2010

Shake it Up

My sugar still isn't back down to where I had it before the foot incident, where I had to take a couple weeks' down time. As a result, I'm going back to super-strict for a bit (versus my normal healthiness) to see if I can get things back down to excellent, where I was. As-is, I'm average and okay, but not where I was. My weight also hasn't budged much lately, so time to get serious on getting that in a downward motion, too.

For the last few trips to the grocery store, Barbara's Peanut Butter Puffins kept catching my eye. The thought's of "No, no... it's a sugary cereal!" kept entering my mind. Out of curiosity, I finally just picked up the box and looked at it. Turns out it wasn't as bad as I thought. Sure, it has sugar in it, but only 6 grams per serving. The flours used are corn and whole oat. And it tastes like a less-sweet PB Cap'n Crunch.

I made flat bread pizza. I used small whole wheat flat bread and topped it with pizza sauce, spinach and light mozzarella, toasted in the oven.

I baked pumpkin muffins. Mmmmmm. I added a quarter cup of oat bran to the batter (for 1 dozen). I didn't even notice it. Next time, I'll try a third of a cup. I baked 12, but you may notice there are only 11 in the photo. The were just so warm and inviting!

Tilapia with olive oil, lemon and garlic
3 grain blend (rice, barley, spelt) cooked in mushroom broth
Steamed asparagus


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