Saturday, September 18, 2010


I've been going through one of those "what does it maaaatter?" slumps. I've been stagnant on the weight loss and my sugar is up from my previous over-achiever status, though actually more on target for the daily goal (which is 100, fasting). I want to get my sugar down again, though, and ultimately see about going off medication entirely at some point. I know I can beat this.

So, here I am, less than 2 weeks from my next doctor appointment. I'm doing my best to get things in better control and shed a few more pounds beforehand. It's not like I've been pigging out on burgers and shakes every day, but I probably haven't been as watchful as I should.

For the most part, unless I go somewhere crazy-far, I'm trying to only use my Metro Card in one direction, then walking home. It adds up. I want to do this. I NEED to do this. Color me motivated.

Fasting blood glucose (morning): 102

Scrambled egg whites and a pumpkin muffin

Roasted peanuts (3 oz.)

Tuna salad with light mayo on Rye Vita Light Crackers and carrots

Cinnamon Graham Crackers (3 small crackers)

Leftover tilapia and 3-grain blend, with a side of sauteed spinach


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