Friday, October 15, 2010


My body completely confuses me. A couple of nights ago, it was "date night". We went out to a very nice dinner, where I splurged. I had pasta (with white flour), cheese-filled onion tart (granted the crust did appear to be whole wheat), a creamy soup (turnip and pear... wow), a glass of hard cider, and banana cake with cream cheese frosting. I'd skipped a couple of snacks during the day, too. So, the next morning, what does my blood glucose do? Right, it was 101. Yesterday, I was much better. I had my veggies, I made sure I got my snacks in, I drank water, got in some exercise, I had a veggie-filled, sensible dinner and some sugar-free ice cream. What does my sugar say this morning? 116. Okay, I did eat a little later than normal, but sometimes I just don't follow.


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