Thursday, October 7, 2010


For many years, I've cooked ahead in batches, especially in the cooler months, so that I had a good, convenient and healthy selection in the freezer. I love making a few extra portions, knowing that on a hurried weeknight sometime in the future when I don't have the energy or time to cook, I'll have a tasty meal waiting for me.

This year, the game has been stepped up. Many months ago, back in the days of salads, sandwiches and oodles of fresh produce, I acquired my boyfriend's old vacuum sealer (he has a newer, fancier one). I love it, but only really started using it on a more regular basis for freezing. Last week, said bf had a brilliant idea I hadn't thought of yet. Freezing foods in containers then, once frozen, vacuum sealing the blocks of frozen foods. It not only allows for better freezing and storage, but frees up all that extra space where the ice crystals used to form and multiply. Brilliant! I now have some stewcicles newly added to the stash.

I've actually been eating a lot of leftovers and the like recently, so nothing really new to add. Cereal is really my friend, too. I did, however, start a list of meal ideas yesterday. Last I counted, I was up to about 15, outside of normal routine stuff. I'd like to keep it as a growing list so that things don't get stale. I often have these thoughts of things that would be good, then see something shiny and promptly forget about it. Now I have a place to record them immediately (and using Google Docs, so they're always handy).

Health-wise, I had a great doctor appointment this morning. I hadn't seen this particular doc in about 10 months, so was really able to see a snapshot comparison of last year to this. My weight is down nearly 60 lbs, my sugar completely in-check, my latest EKG and heart rate completely normal, my liver is back to normal, and this morning's blood pressure was even on the low side of "good", among other improvements. I left in such a happy mood that I even walked home from her Upper East Side office (about 3 miles, plus small deviations for a few errands).

Sure, I have creaks in a few joins, a wonky spine and my pain doc on speed-dial, but overall, I really can't complain. And my hard work, it seems, is really paying off.


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