Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eggs Benedict Arnold, Blackstone Style

I don't usually blog (or even really keep track of food) on Sundays, but I had to share this one. For Sunday breakfast, I wanted something truly yummy. Something lush and rich and benedict-ish. I decided to try another venture into the Eggs Benedict Arnold (being a traitor for not actually using the overly-rich hollandaise). This time, I did it Blackstone-style, which is my favorite. Typical Eggs Blackstone uses grilled tomato and regular bacon instead of canadian bacon.

The base started with high fiber (didn't taste it at ALL), multi-grain English muffins. On top of that, I added some crispy turkey bacon, then a large slice of grilled tomato, on to which I added some Cabbot low fat sharp cheddar (the extra reduced fat, 75%), which provided the creamy element critical to a dish sans hollandaise. Between the hot grilled tomato and the freshly-poached eggs, the cheese got nice and melty. That combined with a rich, runny yolk and I hardly missed the hollandaise at all.

I really do need to replace my dying camera. These phone pics are awful, but you get the gist.

This was the second half of two, so the plate definitely got messy. It tasted wonderful, though.


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