Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Like to Move it, Move it

With the weather lately, I haven't gotten as much walking in as usual. Starting to feel like a lump (since I gave up my gym membership- not in the budget), I decided I needed to get the Wii going. I feel much better, just getting in some movement. I don't have a huge amount of space, so it always takes some furniture moving, but worth it. After something that gets me breathing harder, I allow myself to cool down with bowling or golf. My back was complaining over golf, so bowling it is. I managed a new high score, 4 strikes in a row, and bumped to pro class. Look out, (virtual) bowling world.

I haven't gone grocery shopping this week yet, so have been living on leftovers from the freezer. Lots of soup, chili, frozen veggies and oatmeal (not in one sitting). Luckily, I still have plenty of fresh fruit and yogurt (and a bodega across the street that has both, if I run out before the snow lets up), so am not living solely on freezer and pantry food. The snow is supposed to let up tomorrow, so I'll get out and do some shopping then. In the meantime, it's not like I'm out of food here. I did get to the bodega earlier, where I picked up milk and cheerios. I felt like something other than hot cereal for breakfast.

My back has really been giving me trouble, which creates a double-edged sword, especially when not able to do much walking. Walking makes my back feel much better, but my ankle (where I also have severe arthritis, from an old accident and subsequent surgeries, etc.) hates it during this weather. It hurts my back to do a lot of other movement, but it also hurts to sit. The latest storm is supposed to pass tonight, with just some light snow tomorrow, so I should be able to get out and get in a good walk tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get in at least 4 miles, in addition to overdue grocery shopping. Yeah, I could have ordered them for delivery, but I'd rather make myself go out and get them, even if carrying them home isn't always easiest.


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