Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Going Bananas

I started the day off simply. I had scrambled eggs with broccoli and cheddar cheese.

I'd had a somewhat late lunch, so didn't do a morning snack. I went straight to lunch, which was a veggie burger (Garden Burger Tomato Basil) on a whole wheat kaiser roll with mustard and ketchup. I also had a few homemade baked sweet potato chips (equivalent to about 1/3 a sweet potato).

For my afternoon snack, I wanted something sweet. Plain old yogurt wasn't going to cut it, but then I remembered I had a bananas. I was recently reminded of my love for friend bananas on Clean Eating Chelsea's blog. So, fried banana with yogurt, it is! Pan-fried, that is, not deep fried. I spritzed a nonstick pan with cooking spray, sliced the banana lengthwise, then in half, and set out to bring out those natural sugars.

When done, I placed it in a bowl, poured in some strawberry banana yogurt (light), and topped with a few thawed blueberries. It really hit the spot! Very desserty, for only about 170 calories.

Dinner was steamed Trader Joe's Chicken Shumai (frozen) with the included sauce. The filling has some nice carrot and green onion flavor, too. Yeah, the shumai wrappers aren't whole grain, but there is so little of it and I don't eat them often, so it doesn't really bother me.

I also had a side of sauteed spinach with garlic, but that didn't make the pictures.

A couple of hours after dinner, I was still feeling a bit peckish, so I had a tangelo. Nature's candy was a little tart this evening, but good.


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