Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm settling back nicely into my regular routine. After just a week, my body feels like where I left off before the holidays hit.

Breakfast was simple: A handful of peanuts and a braeburn apple

Lunch: I was craving a burger, so rather than go to the pub across the street and having a fatty burger, I made myself walk to the grocery store, buy some organic beef, and make one myself. When it comes to burgers, I like either veggie burgers, fish burgers (salmon or tuna) or beef burgers. I've never been to much into turkey or chicken burgers. For today, I used a scant 1/3 lb. of 90% lean beef (seasoned with salt and pepper), drained off some of the fat from cooking, and put it on a whole wheat kaiser roll with mustard, a roma tomato and ketchup (don't lettuce my burger, man). I'd intended on making baked sweet potato chips on the side, but I was REALLY hungry, so didn't take the time to make them. The burger itself was pretty filling, so it wasn't needed. I washed it all down with a Stewart's diet orange soda. Mmmm. Much better for me than if I'd gotten take-out or gone out to lunch and perfectly satisfying.

Dinner: I wanted something vegetarian. I've been eating far too much meat lately for my taste. I made an egg scramble  with lots of spinach and some crumbled fat free feta cheese. I had 2 regular eggs left, so I used those (I needed some fat, considering the feta) and rounded it out with approx. a quarter cup egg beaters. It was tasty!! I was wishing I'd bought more than one tomato (it was small, so I used pretty much the whole thing on the burger).

Dessert will be a tangelo. I hear it calling my name. Who knew those guys could talk?


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