Monday, January 17, 2011


Saturday night was a friend's birthday celebration. We gathered at The Blue Water Grill in Union Square and really had a good time. Several of my friends ordered "The Skyscraper" as a starter, which was a 4-tiered tower of seafood. It looked gorgeous, though there were a few too many things "on the half shell" for my taste. I'm not big on oysters in any form, and I prefer my other bivalves cooked. The shrimp looked gorgeous and the crabs were very nice looking, but I'm also not huge on lobster, just for the sake of lobster, so this would have been somewhat wasted on me.

What I did start off with was definitely a good find. I had lobster bisque with leek and lobster beignes. The beignes were smaller than expected, which was perfect. I could get a perfect bite of soup and beigne in a single spoonful. It was a great balance.

For my main course, I kept it simple. I had grilled mahi mahi with a side of sauteed spinach mixed with golden raisins. The sauce for the mahi mahi was a spicy tamarind, which was extremely flavorful and complemented the fish and spinach very well. I'd gone in expecting to order the swordfish, but they hadn't gotten their shipment in that day. I'll be honest that I ordered from the simple grill menu based on wanting bisque to start and having read their dessert menu the night before (which had changed, but to equally as good looking choices).

Finally, for dessert, I had apple crisp with housemade caramel ice cream. It was all very much worth the calories.


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