Monday, May 7, 2012

Egg Salad

There is little I like more than a creamy egg salad sandwich on grainy bread.

I should note that I like my egg salad very mustardy. Sometimes, I'll admit I just add a spoonful of mustard to the egg, mash it up, give it a crank of the pepper grinder and be done with it. More often, though, I just go a little heavier on the mustard than other additions and stick to savory items. I change it up, based on what I have on-hand and sounds good. If you like sweeter egg salad, for example, you can substitute sweet pickles for dill, etc.

First, of course, I hard-boiled the eggs.

For this batch, I had some open, leftover plain yogurt (Greek). So, instead of just mayo, I did half light olive oil mayo and half yogurt. I used to make my own mayo, but I don't eat it often, so it's easier to use the commercial stuff. It is less fragile than the commercial stuff, so doesn't go bad as quickly. I used deli mustard, but you could use whatever you like (including making your own- also easy). I added a couple twists of pepper, gave a stir and a taste, adjusting accordingly (as usual, my verdict was that it needed more mustard, though I didn't go especially crazy with it). I used 4 eggs, so about 2 Tbl. of dressing (combined).

We still had radishes that needed using (radishes + mustard = perfection, in my book). We also have some amazing dill refrigerator pickles from a local farm, so chopped up a bit of each and added them. They not only add flavor, but extra layers of texture.

I was happy with the taste, so stopped there. Of course, you should add/leave out what you do/don't like.

Sometimes I like to add chopped tomato (or, even better, stuff a big, ripe tomato with the egg salad, forgoing the bread-- soooo good). A dash or two of paprika can be nice, too-- reminiscent of deviled eggs. It should be of no surprise that I'll add pretty much any vegetable I have on-hand to adjust texture/flavor (or just to use them up, if needed).

I kept the sandwich pretty simple, in this case-- just egg salad and a wonderfully-grainy oat bread. It was perfect in its simplicity.


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