Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly Grind

Happy Monday. It started out not-so-happy for me, but ended well. I've been having problems with neuropathy in my arm/hand, so was concerned, especially with blood sugar issues. Turns out it's not related. So, while I still have a numb arm, it's not as urgent as it could have been.

The good part? My doctor mentioned that with all my hard work lately (and down 5 more pounds since I saw her last), she's pretty confident I can beat diabetes. Yep, not a typo! It's been one of the goals in all of this, but I didn't quite know how doable it was. Good to know it's actually feasible.

I tried an experiment over the weekend: Shea's KaPow Protein Cookies. All I can say is "Mmmm!" Then again, what else can you say with peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth? They're  flourless, sugar-free, cholesterol-free, plenty of healthy fat, and chock full of nutrients and taste. They're high in calorie (140 cals per cookie), so can't exactly scarf them down, but they taste like a real treat. Warning: Don't bake anything tasty on an empty stomach (I was able to keep my hands off the tempting dough, but it was tough).

Breakfast: 2 protein cookies, 1 medium banana

Lunch: Salad with feta and kidney beans with a small drizzle of nonfat greek yogurt and lemon and a small spoonful of capers

Snack: Coconut & pineapple yogurt (Dannon Light & Fit)

Dinner: Good ol' franks and beans. Sugar-free baked beans, low-fat turkey dogs on grainy bread (lots of mustard and a bit of ketchup), and a large handful of raw carrots. I looked for sprouted buns but they didn't have any at the grocery store, so stuck with bread.

Late-night snack: I have some leftover calories for the day, so bring on the Skinny Cow!


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