Saturday, April 24, 2010

Slow-Moving Saturday

I love when I step on the scale, braced for some backsliding, only to find I've lost another pound. Whew!

I really thought I'd probably gone back a few steps, missing walks for a couple of days, eating cake somewhat regularly for a few days (granted, somewhat healthy cake, and only a single layer, but not non-caloric by a long shot), that sort of thing.

Well, all's well that ends well. My sugar has been cooperating, too, which is always nice.

2 slices of zucchini bread (toasted, with a small bit of pear preserves- wow) and scrambled egg whites.

Grilled cheese (reduced fat blend of cheddar, jack, parm) on whole wheat and an orange

Key lime yogurt - This was my first time trying the lime. Eh, a little too sweet, I think. They're trying for a more desserty angle.

I'm being taken to dinner at L'ecole. There are no doubt some buttery bullets to dodge, but I'm confident I can navigate them well.


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