Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh, Mexico

Last weekend, I finally found a source of *good*, authentic Mexican food in NYC. You'd expect I'd find some awesome little taqueria, etc. While I've found some good places (I love Mi Nidito, but mostly because they offer more healthy options), I haven't found a lot of authentic food from the regions I'm used to from my California days.

Street fairs!! I found a great booth of Mexican food where I picked up some amazing chicken tamales... spicy, not too starchy, the savory meat mixing with slight sweetness of the masa... yum. Now, if only I could find a source for fruit tamales I'd be in heaven. Sure, I could make them, but quality tamales are quite a bit of effort.

I also discovered a very bad thing (and by "bad", I mean "awesome")-- Starbucks' new as-you-like-it frappuccinos. Decaf, nonfat AND sugar-free? And it's made with stevia, too, so not even chemically sugar substitutes. While I usually find stevia pretty bitter, it works well with the coffee (maybe two bitters make a right?). We're talking super tasty!


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