Friday, May 7, 2010

Taco Night and Turkey Burgers

I've been chugging along here. We spent a few days up near Lake George (gorgeous country) and I ate pretty well, if you don't count the cookies or brownies (though at least the brownies were No Pudge). There were lots of yummy fresh produce and the like. There were a couple of birthday's being celebrated, so there were bound to be desserts. Oh, and I may or may not have had a slice of coconut cream pie (It was totally worth it).

Luckily, I logged over-goal on my Fitbit several days in a row to make up for the culinary craziness.

Last night was "taco night". I made turkey and vegetable tacos on soft white corn tortillas and threw together some Mexican rice from already-cooked brown and wild rice. My boyfriend's homemade guac went nicely.

Today was also pretty healthy...

Cinnamon Harvest cereal with half a banana and skim milk

Peach yogurt (Dannon Light and Fit)

Tuna salad made with light mayo and celery on whole wheat bread with hummus. The hummus was a surprisingly tasty addition. There was leftover guacamole and multigrain chips on the side.

Burger night! Turkey vegetable burgers (yellow pepper, red onion, shreds of carrot, with an egg white as a binder), grilled and placed on grainy whole wheat buns with tomato and sharp cheddar cheese (2%).
Carrot and golden raisin salad with light mayo and nonfat Greek yogurt
Baked Kettle Chips (Barbecue)- I love these because they're skin-on, whole potatoes and don't taste fake in the least.

Dessert will either be the last of the brownies or a root beer float (diet) made with Skinny Cow cookies and cream


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