Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday, I wasn't quite feeling like myself. I woke up tired and progressed from there. Today was so much better and back to feeling my old self. It started with another pound down, which is not a bad thing! Of course, while I was out and on the move this morning, I had a terrible thought. "Wait... when I weighed myself, what was that middle number? Did I really lose another pound... Did I really notice the whole number? Maybe I've gained 8 lbs. from before my birthday and I didn't notice it was going the other way". Well, I stepped on the scale when I got home (after, of course, removing everything from my pockets). All is fine. I have, in fact, been back on the losing streak. Sometimes, it's like I'm losing my mind (come on, of course it was a song cue. Actually, looking up this video led me on a long tangent of me digging up old Broadway stuff... way fun).

Back to business, I have a recommendation. I finally tried the Barkeeper's Friend cleanser I picked up (the liquid). Goodness gracious! If you want anything stainless steel to sparkle (like, say, brand new All-Clad cookware you want to keep looking pristine), this is the real deal. I had gotten a weird spot inside one of the pans that soap didn't get out and that looked like the metal had actually become discolored. Problem solved! Barkeeper's Friend has just been added to the circle of BFFs.


Soy crisps (barbecue flavor)
Handful of sugar-free Jelly Bellies

Last of the potato salad, yogurt

Today was time for one of my favorite things... breakfast for dinner. In this case, scrambled eggs with turkey, tomato, fresh basil and fresh oregano (from my new little window garden). On the side, I halved some strawberries and heated up a couple of veggie sausage links (since I don't have room for a grinder in the city, I haven't been making my own veggie sausage, so these are just Morningstar Farms). I'm having problems with my camera, so this was the only shot even remotely usable.


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