Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wow... Health Status

I had my annual physical today, during which I got the results of my regular 3-month labs, plus was a bit more involved a visit, covering everything under the sun (normal).

Here is what I expected: My sugar is down (I check it regularly, so we know this) and my weight is down. Maybe my good cholesterol might finally be better and hopefully my liver enzymes would be down a bit, with lower headache meds and reeeeeeeally diligent efforts on my part.

Here is what I got (keep in mind, this is in the last 3 months): My fasting glucose is down within normal range. My hemoglobin A1C is down by almost a full point (from 7-ish to 6.1)! My liver enzymes went from the 60s to the LOW 30s!! This is "well within normal range".  In other words, my liver has been completely repaired!! It's not even on the radar at this point. Wow. And, of course, my weight was down since the last time I was there.

With the fasting glucose-- if I can get it down in the 70s we'll be talking about reducing my diabetes meds in half (dare I think to the day when it's possible I could even go off of them?? Okay, one thing at a time).

As far as my cholesterol goes, my bad was down even lower and my good has gone in the upward direction. Excellent.

I got some major kudos from my doctor, which is always nice to hear. As much as I love her, she's also tough, so would have no qualms about telling me otherwise. I expected good, what surprised me was it's all moved up to great.

It was just a year ago that I had my first physical with this new doctor (my old doc, whom I'd gone to since I'd moved here, was awful. And, of course, never even mentioned any of this stuff). It took a while to get the proper diagnoses and to figure out just what all was going on inside my body, with multiple factors and chain reactions (meds for problems that occurred while I was much thinner, spinal injections, lots of the stuff that helped me gain all the weight in the first place, making it doubly hard to lose), much less really get some traction (and super determination) on beating all of this stuff, so it wasn't until October or so that I was even able to start to make any difference at all. I really just can't believe it.

Don't get me wrong-  I'm not done. I'm nowhere near done. I'll likely never be fully "done", as I'll go into maintenance mode at some point, vs. improvement. Still, I've made some excellent traction and, with momentum I've built up, I can get there. And with being out of the woods on the liver front, it makes it that much better.

As a reward, I came home and did some "closet shopping". I found a pair of pants I've had for a while now and never wore because they were too small (but I knew I'd get there eventually-- I was close and they were cute). Guess what I'm wearing as I type this?


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