Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Trend

There's a pretty exciting trend going on. It appears my hard work is really paying off. Last night, I went to my friends' house for a little informal Tony Awards party. They made a wonderful dinner. I had whole wheat pasta with a nice, rich meat sauce, a salad, and roasted carrots with roasted garlic. I had about a half of a strawberry basil martini, which was worth every sip (or I wouldn't have continued to sip) and a third of a glass of sparkling shiraz, also worth it. I had pie, too. Not a third of a piece or a half of a piece, I had a pretty normal sized piece of pie. It was a lemon-lime cream cheese pie, so perfectly tart, on a graham cracker and brown sugar crust. Yum! So, did I have a huge sugar spike this morning as I somewhat expected? No! It was a comfortable 87. Apparently, my body and I are on much better speaking terms these days. I like that.

As for the Tony Awards, I was very happy Memphis won as much as it did, including Best Musical. I had no doubt. If you're in NYC, go see it. It's great! I love the score and the cast is extraordinary.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

Fasting glucose: 87
Exercise: EA Active Personal Trainer for Wii-- 45 min. It was my first workout using this one. Considering I was about 2 feet from the air conditioner and my face was dripping with sweat by the end, I'd say it was a good one. Slow, but steady.

Cereal-- half Smart Bran, half Kashi Island Vanilla with Vanilla Slender soy milk

Morning snack:
Laura's Wholesome Junk Food, Anna Banana Split (4 pieces). I love her stuff. They're a small bit of indulgence, but contain wholesome, pronounceable ingredients. I haven't seen the flavor Grandma's Gingerbread anywhere yet, but if I do, I'm nabbing a tub of it. The Lemon Vanilla looks tasty, too; another flavor I haven't seen at the store.

Leftover chicken thigh, skin removed
Leftover mashed potato salad
Simple tomato and cucumber salad, no dressing

Post-workout snack:
8 oz. of Vanilla Soy Slender with a squeeze of sugar-free chocolate syrup

I wanted something light that seemed heavy. Zucchini fettuccine (using lightly sautéed ribbons of zucchini as pasta) with "meat" sauce (made with Bocca crumbles) and Parmigiano Reggiano fit that pretty perfectly. It was incredibly filling and tasted wonderful for a low calorie impact (this serving weighed in at 196 calories). Every recipe I've seen for zucchini fettuccine has said to discard the center of the squash, once you hit the seeds. No way! I cubed it and added it to the sauce. Grating it would work, too, if you don't want such large chunks. I often grate veggies into my sauce anyway.


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