Friday, June 18, 2010

On the Road Again

Quick post for today. I'm on the bus headed north (free wireless and outlets on the bus rocks) and I doubt I'll post this evening.

I did do some good planning for the bus today. Before leaving home, I got in a good breakfast (Island Vanilla cereal and soy milk with a banana). No temptation to then grab something on-the-go at the terminal. For lunch, I put a baggie of fresh grapes in the freezer last night. That way, when I stowed them in my bag this morning, they were thawed but still cold for lunch. I also packed a PB&J (natural PB &sugar-free preserves on light multi-grain), since they hold up well without refrigeration. This way, I could avoid the traps of the rest stop food (which, at least out here, seems to always be at Burger King) or, even worse, the connection terminal (in this case, think ghetto bus station snack bar, the other option being vending machines).

It's actually a beautiful ride upstate. Much of it is along the Hudson river and this time of year it's lush with greenery. The only real downside is all the sitting. I'm looking forward to stretching my legs (and back) at some point soon.


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