Thursday, July 1, 2010

Technically Challenged (or Cursed?)

I'm back! I've had some technical difficulties over the past couple of weeks. I think I've basically been electronically cursed. My camera is on the fritz, my phone battery died to the point that it needed replacing (no Crackberry for 3 days! Sheer torture), my laptop has been overheating to the point of blue screens and my Kindle isn't charging. Luckily, everything should be under warranty, but dealing with it all is a challenge and straight-up bummer. I'm way too digitally dependent for everything at once. I'll be digging out my old camera when I'm back home next week, but for now, I have my phone for anything I feel is a must-capture, but its camera isn't the best quality.

There has been some great food in the past few days. While in Massachusetts, we had some wonderful seafood. We did a smaller seafood market and restaurant on Thursday night where I indulged in some crab-stuffed hadock and a handful of tasty onion rings. Friday evening we hit The Clam Box in Ipswitch, a great little seafood shack. We shared fried clams, fresh coleslaw, and one of the best fried foods I've ever put in my mouth- fried scallops (I passed on the onion rings, which also looked very good). The batter was thin and crisp and the scallops were unbelievably juicy and tender while still being cooked through. I've had some wonderful scallop dishes in my life, but this quite possibly is the top. Afterward, we hit a local, home made ice cream shop, Richardson's, where I had a hot fudge sundae with a scoop each of Kahlua chip and ginger ice creams. They were drizzled with decadent, thick hot fudge and a mountain of whipped cream. I ate every single bite. On a brisk New England summer evening, it was perfect. When it's hot, ice cream can be a little rich, pointing me more toward sorbets, lower fat gelati and ice milk, and straight up popsicles, but ice cream is one of my most favorite treats when chilly (or straight up blizzard weather). I'm weird, I know.


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