Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back in Action

I'm already feeling better about the minor setback. I was back to my previous weight today, so it must have been bloating/water. Now that I'm getting back to my more active routine, my sugar should continue to go back to where it was. The foot felt completely fine for about 3/4 of a mile this afternoon before it started to feel annoying again, but it's getting better. Maybe tomorrow it'll be a full mile before it's bothersome, and so on...

Fasting glucose (morning): 105
Exercise: 2.5 miles, approximately 1 of which I was carrying a heavy jar of coins (the periodic cash-out)

Breakfast: Strawberry yogurt (Light and Fit)

Snack: orange juice (was feeling low while on my walk)

Lunch: Turkey and swiss on whole wheat with mustard, lettuce and tomato

Dinner: Inside out pizza, with a twist: Whole wheat pita stuffed with tomato basil hummus, low fat mozzarella, veggie pepperoni, fresh lettuce and tomato. Next time I'll either heat the pepperoni or leave it off. Served cold, it tastes grainy (when on actual pizza, it's perfectly fine).

Dessert: Watermelon chunks. Mmmmm... summer.


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