Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I got my stitches out yesterday. Yay! Walking on it feels weird and uncomfortable, but not exactly painful. I just need to get back into the normal walking swing in increments.

What makes me less than happy is that I hit a minor setback. I gained 2 lbs. and my sugar has spiked a bit. It's a lack of exercise, more than anything. Time to get strict and get moving.

Fasting glucose (morning): 111
Exercise: laundry and walking a couple of miles

Peanut butter and low-sugar grape jelly with a medium banana

I got distracted and forgot. I grabbed a small carton of Light and Fit yogurt while cooking dinner (which I had earlier in the evening than usual due to the skipped meal)

Whole wheat spaghetti with "meat" sauce (a tomato sauce made with Boca crumbles), mizithra cheese, parmesan cheese, B&B (melted on the pasta). To get the right proportions, I cover half the pasta with meat sauce, the other with B&B (very little) and cheese, OSF-style. When I'm ready to eat, I mix it all together. The B&B adds a small amount of creaminess to the red sauce.

Sugar-free, nonfat chocolate pudding


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