Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Go Go Go

I've been in vacation-food-mode the past few days, which means a bit more relaxed about the rules. The good part of that is that I've averaged walking more than 6.5 miles each day since Monday. Woo hoo! It really showed in my sugar levels yesterday morning (83 fasting blood glucose), though some damage was done yesterday evening with a full-on, four-course fondue meal, ending with Bananas Foster fondue (YUM!)-- creamy white chocolate, mixed with brown sugar, cinnamon and bananas, along with an assortment of vehicles. Eh, we have our ups and downs. This morning's sugar levels weren't that great, but nothing sky high or anything.

Something I discovered recently-- roasted chick peas (just crunchy chick peas and salt). The texture is a little odd, but they taste really good. There's a good crunch to them, but then they're a bit dry on the finish, since they're not very fatty beans. Still, a taste worth acquiring. I also found some MSG-free beef jerky. It's great to have good snacks on-hand when on-the-go. I need to be better about having snacks with me when I'm out, in case a low happened (which happened again yesterday afternoon when out and about).

So, tomorrow it's back to the standard rules. But I may still need a trip to Tasti D-Lite tomorrow.

Fitbit has added some new, Premium features to their site. They're offering a free month, so I'm thinking I'll try it out. I'll be sure to post my review when I do. The most appealing part of the package for me is the Analytics option. I'm hoping they have an export for reports. It'd make this much, much easier.


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