Friday, August 6, 2010

She Likes to Move It, Move It

My eating hasn't been perfect lately, but my amount of exercise has really grown. I haven't gained weight, but haven't lost either, and my sugar has been getting a little better again. My body doesn't like the heat much, and we've had the hottest summer on record, so the health improvements have been slow going, but still in the right direction.

Yesterday, I went to an amusement park with friends to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was easy to shy away from funnel cakes, cotton candy and the like. I did have a corn dog, but in the big picture, it's one of the better "bad" things one could consume (It was worth absolutely every bite). I did stick to a mostly healthy lunch, opting for a fresh BLT on whole wheat, rather than a greasy cheeseburger or the like. I was happy it was an option. I purposely left my fitbit at home (a few words: water rides, loopy coasters and loose pockets), but my feet are estimating we did around 7 miles or more. There was some standing, too, but the lines were surprisingly short. For optimal survival, I also brought some peanuts, beef jerky (super lean, peppery and MSG-free) and a cereal bar, just in case there weren't decent options for snacks, and to ensure level blood sugar. I did hit a super low at one point, because time was going quickly and I wasn't mindful of timing out the snacks, but the rest of the day was fine. I kept a better eye on the time, etc. I also made sure to stay hydrated.

We opted to have late dinner in the city, instead of at the park, which opened up much better options. I had a bowl of chilled tomato soup (smoother than gazpacho, still fresh tasting), salad and quiche lorraine (happily lacking a lot of crust) at a favorite little casual French bistro (I was relieved it was too hot for a croque monsieur, which is usually tough to turn down). It was all followed by a small scoop of pear sorbet for dessert. There were two scoops of sorbet, but it was easy to only eat half.

Overall, my walking has increased. I've been averaging about 6+ miles a day (my goal is 4) and working in some resistance work less than I should, but more than I've been doing the past couple of months. Today, I only got in a couple of miles, but I deserve it after the last few days. It's good to let your body recover from a tough day once and a while.


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