Saturday, July 3, 2010

A New Low

No pie last night. We went to bed before it was set. I resisted having it for breakfast, though.

Fasting blood glucose: Can you believe I forgot to check? Oy. I'm outside of my regular routine. I did, however, have cause to check it later in the day and it was 72. And that was after having eaten plenty of protein and a decent amount of good carbs just a couple of hours beforehand. For a normal person, it's on the low end of normal (the bottom being 70), but for someone used to much higher numbers during the day, it's enough to make a person loopy and really take the air out. Thank goodness for orange juice. I have a feeling we'll be adjusting my Metformin soon. So, while the low is bad, ultimately, it's a good sign to beating this thing.

Exercise: My hip and back are still giving me grief, so I made the walk brief. Overall, I did 2.5 miles today.

Smart Bran and Cinnamon Harvest with skim milk

Leftover soft tacos from going out to dinner the other night (one pulled pork, one chicken-- each on a soft corn tortilla) and about a half cup of black beans on the side.

A slice of low sugar lemon lime icebox pie (which weighs in at under 300 calories- not bad!). As I'd figured, the citrus brightened and the taste of the cream cheese mellowed with chilling. (The little green specks are lime zest, in case you think otherwise.)

(Hakuna) Frittata- Egg Beaters with fresh herbs (basil and oregano), mushroom, onion, asparagus, tomato and feta. There wasn't an oven-proof skillet in my bf's house, but I was able to work around that by giving the veggies that needed longer cook time (onions, mushrooms and asparagus) a quick saute then dropping everything in a prepared cake pan for the oven.

Salad with lettuce, onion, carrot and white peaches with a squeeze of lemon juice:


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