Thursday, July 1, 2010


I got more back to my routine today, at least as far as food goes. Keep in mind that any photos are taken with my phone until I get home and get to my old camera while the newer one gets fixed.

Fasting blood glucose (morning): 103 (probably reflecting the dessert I had last night and my lack of exercise)

Exercise: My back has been acting up, along with my hip, so I've been doing lots of icing and resting. I got in a little over a mile walking. If only I could elevate my hip (without uber yoga poses or full-on pretzel spine, which I feel like I have anyway. Inverted poses with a chronic headache are not an option).

I was thinking oatmeal originally, but went with the quicker hot bran cereal. I took a bowl of plain Smart Bran, added some water, and microwaved for about a minute. When cooked, I added a couple drops of raw agave nectar and cinnamon.

We hit up the sub shop inside the Store That Has (Almost) Everything. I had roast beef and swiss (what kind of deli in NY doesn't have cheddar?) on whole wheat with light mayo, spicy mustard, lettuce and tomato. Despite the lack of cheddar, it was still pretty great. The spicy mustard made it.

Whole wheat cheese ravioli with "meat" sauce (strained Pomi tomatoes, herbs from the window garden, garlic, Boca crumbles) and parmegiano reggiano, and a salad (lettuce, red onion, and the best, crunchiest golden delicious apple I've ever tasted with a bit of lemon juice in lieu of dressing). The apple in the salad really made it.

I made an experimental low-sugar Icebox Pie, which we may be able to eat before midnight.

The crust was pretty much with the usual graham cracker recipe, using Earth Balance instead of butter. I was tempted to try B&B, but didn't want to make too many changes at once and have a dry crust. I subbed Splenda for the sugar in the crust, and used less than most recipes call for. It was definitely sweet enough. I'd gotten a "smells good" from the other room as it came out of the oven, so hopefully that keeps up, along with the taste.

The filling is light cream cheese, lemon and lime juices (and zest from each), and homemade diabetic-friendly sweetened condensed milk (nonfat milk powder, splenda, water-- prepared in the microwave and refrigerated for a couple of hours before using. It was a little lumpy. Next time I'll try to get all the lumps out *before* it's in the microwave). There was a lot of trial, error and tasting with this one to get the recipe tweaked to bring out the desired taste. I added a LOT more zest and juice than the recipe suggested and a small bit more sugar.

Fingers crossed, but so far, it's looking like it may all work. The filling sure tasted good going in and was plenty thick, even after what felt like over-mixing. The citrus should brighten in the fridge, like any acid, and hopefully the cream cheesiness will mellow a bit more.


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