Friday, November 26, 2010

On the First Day of Thanksgiving, My True Love Said to Me...

That's right- we're doing 2 days of Thanksgiving. Hooray! Last night was just the two of us. Surprisingly, this morning my blood sugar was a happy, normal 106.

The menu:
Homemade gruyere/cheddar cheese puffs (using whole wheat and oat, yet still fluffy) as an appetizer
Homemade cranberry sauce (half sugar/half splenda, orange juice and zest)
Citrus salad (ruby grapefruit, oranges, a quick squeeze of agave nectar)
Steamed broccoli
Mashed sweet potatoes (with Earth Balance, a splash orange juice and cinnamon)
Carrot turnip au gratin (bechamel made with onion, earth balance, white flour and skim milk; carrots; turnips; and cheddar cheese, topped with whole wheat panko)
Steak with mushroom and a malbec pan sauce (sauce was minced red onion, thyme, mushrooms, malbec wine, an ice-cube's worth of rich, homemade chicken stock)
Triple ginger biscotti for dessert

First, the cheese puffs...

Quite a feast. We also each had a lovely glass of malbec with dinner. The steak is under the pile-o-mushrooms. I was very excited to use our new bowl for the carrot and turnip dish. I love the shape!

Here's a sampling of everything on my plate. I didn't pig out, but I didn't exactly hold back either.

Triple ginger biscotti:

Once dinner was done, we also made homemade mashmallows for this morning's cocoa (and beyond). I poured a little off while it was at the marshmallow fluff state for ice cream.

Today we're doing the big family dinner. I've made whole wheat rolls to take with us. Mmmm... warm, fresh bread, straight from the oven. They should be ready right on time. (edit: and they were! See below.)


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