Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Day is This?

My sugar has been surprisingly good. I've been hovering more toward 100 than 105.

I've still been slowly chipping away at my pantry supplies. I've been eating lots of oatmeal and hot cereals for breakfast (both of which require actual cooking), though yesterday I splurged with blueberry french toast. I also made some brown rice risotto (with short grain brown rice). I tried a batch of chocolate chip cookies, but am convinced that straight-up chocolate chip (a la toll house) should not be made with whole wheat flour, even if finely milled. Blech. I'll save the rest of the chips for oatmeal or peanut butter cookies. I also tried more gingerbread, but black strap molasses was a bit too strong, so next time I'll sub about a quarter agave. It was fine, just not as good as the batch I made last month.

I still have a lot to use up, but I've made a dent. I'm having a good time drawing from what I have on-hand (plus any fresh/frozen ingredients), but it hasn't gotten to the challenging point yet, since there's still such a variety. I'm headed off to a different kitchen for Thanksgiving, but when I get back I'll resume the fun. I also have a full stock of soup (butternut squash), chili (vegetarian) and risotto in the freezer for those evenings I'm not into cooking. I love that.

Tonight will be Indian takeout. Yum!

My contribution to the family Thanksgiving meal will be homemade whole grain dinner rolls. Any way you slice it, I'm trying to keep my sugar in check and to keep the caloric damage to a minimum. I'm not looking for the day to be a weight-loser, just not a weight-gainer. Considering I was able to lose weight over the holidays last year, it's not so daunting.

I'm curious as to how everyone is handling Thanksgiving this year. Is it an "I can eat what I want; it's a holiday" day or are you sneaking an extra helping of steamed veggies to leave less room for stuffing and creamy casseroles? Are you making anything differently this year, relative to health? Is it a group effort, or are you going it alone?


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