Saturday, December 4, 2010


I've been living on freezer food since returning home. So, nothing really new. I've had risotto and butternut squash soup, cereal or oatmeal for breakfasts, etc. Tomorrow I'll hit the grocery store for variety. I haven't felt like venturing out.

While at P's place, I had some eggnog. First, a small sampling of the regular store-bought stuff, then the Silk nog. Either way, though, it's more sugary than I should have. Any suggestions for a better lower-sugar-impact homemade version? One of the things I like about the store-bought kind is that it's not so thick, which rules out the typical, foamy, eggy homemade stuff. Most of the recipes I've found, even the vegan ones, are pretty thick and don't seem to represent the right depth of flavor. Any hints or recipes are definitely welcome!

I've been mulling over Christmas baking. I may actually do holiday cookies this year, though I may just do the ginger biscotti. I think most of my local friends will enjoy it and it's pretty safe eating for me, too, if I keep a handful for myself ;-)

One thing I'm looking forward to is revamping some Christmas stollen. I love stollen, but since i can't eat marzipan (allergic to almonds), I luckily can't buy the pre-made stuff. The crazy part of the equation is that I'm considering making my own candied citrus peel for an even healthier touch to it. I can also get dried cherries, sans sugar. I think making it with white whole wheat will still lend to a tender bread. I made stollen every year, back when I had a bread machine, but it's not really that much bigger a deal to just make the dough myself. I love the smell of bread dough when it's proofed.


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