Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sneaky, Sneaky - Operation Pantry Roundup, days 8 & 9

Pantry items used:
Whole wheat flour (all-purpose)
Powdered xylitol

I ran across a recipe the other day for some pretty healthy chocolate donuts. I know, I know, it sounds really wrong, but the last donuts turned out so well that I figured I'd give this one a try. I've always been a big fan of sneaking veggies into just about everything-- purees, slurries, you name it. And I'll grate zucchini into just about anything. This recipe used a great puree, though, of blueberries and spinach. So, yes, spinach donuts?! You'd never know it was in there.

The recipe is from The Sneaky Chef. I'm going to have fun using up the rest of the purple puree, too. I think this might take the place of my usual prune puree for chocolate items (I find the prune a lot better than applesauce for chocolate, since it brings more depth to the table).

I made a half batch, thinking it'd yield half a dozen, but I was only able to get 4 out of it. Once done, I shook them in Ideal confectioner's sugar (xylitol) to coat.

Verdict: Plain, they were merely okay. Once coated with the xylitol, though, they tasted pretty darn good. I think they'd pass a kid test easily. This adult sure enjoyed them. I did make a few substitutions, using Splenda for the sugar and egg beaters for the egg (easier to get half an egg that way). I'm slightly ashamed to admit I ate all 4 in a single day (breakfast and afternoon snack), but when looking at the nutrition info I didn't feel as bad. And at least it wasn't all in a single sitting:

Calories: 98 (per donut)
Fat: 4g
Carb: 13g
Sugar: 2g
Protein: 3g

Leftover mac & cheese with broccoli

Leftover chili- I'm fighting a cold, so it was great for clearing the sinuses. It was served with grated low fat cheddar cheese, scallion and Greek non-fat yogurt.

My eating was a bit off today. I got home around 5am or so, so I wasn't on a normal schedule at all.

Last night was surprisingly not too bad, food-wise, considering the crowd I was with (most of my friends here are hardcore foodies). It was a birthday party for a friend of mine (dinner party). We had veggies and guacamole, roast chicken, green beans, potatoes (they had mashed, the host very kindly baked one on the side for me), gravy, then pumpkin cheesecake for dessert and a sampling of homemade ice cream as a post-midnight snack.


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