Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidaze!

Merry Christmas and best wishes for whatever you may celebrate this time of year.

It's been a week of partial gluttony. Most days I stayed pretty good, but today has been leftover and sweets overkill.

We had a few days of celebration, all of which involved a celebratory meal. The 23rd was my boyfriend's parents' anniversary, so we had a lovely dinner at their place which included something I'd never had-- Lobster Pie. Mmmmm... It involves a lot of butter, but was succulent, savory and danced across my taste buds. For dessert, there was dark chocolate bundt cake. One great thing about meals at their house (aside from fabulous company) is that it always includes wonderful, fresh salads, not even needing dressing. Lunch that same day was Taco Bell. Surprisingly, the next morning my fasting sugar was spot on- 101.

Christmas Eve was amazing, lovely, and the energy of a 6-year-old. In the wee small hours that morning, my boyfriend became my fiancĂ©, so even more to celebrate. After several phone calls, a shopping trip to our now-favorite jeweler and amidst the giddiness, we were able to assemble a nice dinner for ourselves-- a ham steak, mashed red potatoes (skin-on, with nonfat greek yogurt and B&B), braised root vegetables, green beans, then apple bread for dessert.  (I'm trying to use a LOT of restraint from gushing off-topic about my still-blissful elation).

Christmas day was still pretty well in-check, as far as food goes. After a bite of homemade stollen (whole wheat, with homemade candied citrus peels made with agave and filled with homemade rum frangipane made with roasted sunflower seeds instead of almonds), we headed off to P's parents' place. It was a nice leisurely breakfast of bagels and cream cheese and tangerines, along with a nibble of stocking candy (much of which was sugar-free for me! yay!). Dinner was more of a late lunch, with lasagna, french bread and another splendid salad, this one with fruit, as well. Dessert was baked alaska! Mmmm. Some celebratory champagne was poured, as well, as P's sister got engaged the day before we did (yay!). We may have dipped into the stocking sweets again after getting home, along with some leftover ham. Not too surpisingly, the candy and fudge (with crushed peppermint!) being the last thing I ate, my sugar was up this morning to 120. Eh, just a blip.

Today, however, I took a bite of sloth-like behavior, along with several more bites of candy (some of it at least sugar-free, though not all), fudge, stollen, pizza (Kashi frozen pizza with goat cheese added), crackers with fruit and more goat cheese. All pretty much nibbly, but still. Not the healthiest of days.

So, the best Christmas I've ever had, even though my blood sugar may not agree ;-) Happiness is healthiness, after all, right?


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