Saturday, May 11, 2013


It has been a few months of a lot of changes. I'm pregnant!! Yesterday marked 13 weeks, the last of my first trimester. My husband and I are absolutely elated. Of course, this means my eating habits have only gotten better. My only trouble seems to be in getting enough food! I've upped the fat count a bit here and there (healthy fats) to help with extra calories, but my main focus is on getting all the right nutrients, feeling satisfied, and being properly hydrated. We are expecting the arrival of our new child in November.

I am showing slightly, though most onlookers at this point would probably just assume I'm pudging out. It's not necessarily a recognizable baby bump. I lost a bit of weight my first trimester (not unusual), but what I do have has pushed straight out in front of me, so some new clothes were in order.

We're also in the midst of buying a house, so lots of changes coming up. I'm looking forward to the new kitchen! It's not that much bigger, but has a lot more cabinet space and a bit more counter space. Plus, since it's ours and not a rental, we can change whatever we like. Sweet.

I'm in the middle of final exams for school and will be glad to get them over with. It's been a long and trying semester in school. I'll begin posting more regularly after that is done!


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